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By effecting a booking of the Tour Products and Services through these sites, you expressly agree to be bound by terms and conditions herein and the Supplier Terms.


The rates quoted in respect of the Tour Products and Services are subject to change without notice.


Destination Borneo Sdn Bhd reserves the right at any time and from time to time to remove, modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently the  Products and Services (or any part thereof) with or without notice. You agree that Destination Borneo Sdn Bhd shall not be liable to you or to any third party in any way for any modification suspension or discontinuance of the Tour Products and Services.


Destination Borneo Sdn Bhd  and their Suppliers are entitled at their discretion to refuse and/or decline to accept any booking or reservation placed through these Sites. You are responsible for your travel planning and any bookings or reservations made based on such planning. Destination Borneo Sdn Bhd will not be held liable nor entertain a refund of any nature should you book or reserve a Tour Product and Services that is not suitable.

If you have any special requests these will be passed on to the relevant Suppliers but cannot be guaranteed by Destination Borneo Sdn Bhd. Unless otherwise stated, all bookings or reservations are non-exchangeable and non-transferable.


Some Tour Products and Services posted on these sites are offered by independent Suppliers and are subject to their terms and conditions and the availability of the Tour Product and Services.

For such products, Destination Borneo Sdn Bhd merely acts as a electronic booking platform for Tour Products of the Suppliers and shall not be responsible nor liable for:

  • overbooking, misinformation or mishandling of any booking/reservation or booking by the Suppliers; or
  • any other dissatisfaction or complaint relating to the quality of the Tour Products provided by the Supplier;
  • any damage or loss to your personal property or personal injury howsoever sustained or caused.

Destination Borneo Sdn Bhd shall not be considered a party to any transaction between you and any Supplier whether or not Destinaton Borneo Sdn Bhd may have received some form of revenue or remuneration in connection with such transaction or be liable for any costs or damages arising out of, either directly or indirectly from you or any other person involved or related to the transaction.


All Tour Products offered on these sites are subject to availability and acceptance, at the discretion of the Supplier of such product or service.

In the event a Tour Product booked by you is not available, Destination Borneo Sdn Bhd shall use its reasonable endeavors to suggest an alternative product or service of similar pricing and quality.

Where the Tour Product is either not available or our suggested alternative (where applicable) is not acceptable to you but is nevertheless fully paid, we shall make a refund in accordance with our Refund Policy.

If you fail to accept our suggested alternative Tour Product by the specified deadline, we reserve our right to cancel our tentative booking of the same.


To change your itinerary, you must cancel your booking/reservation and make a new booking/reservation. You agree not to hold Destination Borneo Sdn Bhd liable in the event you fail to secure previously booked/reserved Tour Products whether or not for the same period while effecting such new booking/reservation.

All cancellations are subject to the current cancellation policies in force stipulated by the Suppliers and Destination Borneo Sdn Bhd. You are liable for any additional charges or expenses imposed by the Suppliers and  Destination Borneo Sdn Bhd in respect of such changes or cancellation.


In the event you decide to cancel your booking/reservation, you may be entitled to a refund depending on the current policy in force of Destination Borneo Sdn Bhd and the Supplier who supplied the Tour Product to you. As the Refund Policy of different individual Suppliers may differ (the same Supplier may also stipulate different Refund Policies for different Travel Products), the Refund Policies for different travel products may differ from travel product to travel product.


It is your responsibility to obtain a visa (where required) and other relevant travel document at your own costs.

Please ensure you have a valid passport for the duration of your trip. If you require any further information on passport or visa requirements please contact the relevant embassies of your destination countries.


Neither Destination Borneo Sdn Bhd nor the Supplier shall be liable for damages of any kind arising out of changes to the rates, route, timetable, itinerary in respect of the Tour Product due to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond our control.

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